Information for contributors to The Review of Laser Engineering

1. General considerations
The Review of Laser Engineering is a scientific journal written in Japanese and in English, which is published by the Laser Society of Japan (hence, the Society). The journal offers opportunities to the Society members to publish original papers, reviews, international conference reports, and other articles on laser-related topics; it also publishes necessary articles for exchanging information between the members and the Society. The members can contribute to the journal at any time. Taking into consideration referees’ opinions, the Editorial Board will determine the manuscript’s suitability for publication. The Review of Laser Engineering (A4 size monthly journal) is edited and published through DTP (Desktop Publishing). The Society asks contributors for their collaboration in following the contribution guidelines below for fast and accurate publishing.

2. Contributor’s qualification
At least one of the co-authors should be a member of the Society. However, the authors need not necessarily be members when the Society specially requests a contribution.

3. Copyrights and publication rights
Copyright (including rights of reproduction and communication to the public) and publication rights of original papers, reviews, related articles, and others published in The Review of Laser Engineering shall revert to the Society.

1) Permission from the Editorial Board of The Review of Laser Engineering is necessary when republishing all or part of the papers published in The Review of Laser Engineering in other journals. In this case, the author should specify that the papers have been previously printed in The Review of Laser Engineering. The Laser Society of Japan requires a signed Copyright Transfer Agreements form before the publication. The authorized author must sign the form as represented by all authors.

2) When quoting tables, photographs, or part of texts from other journals, authors must obtain permission from the publisher and the authors of the quoted articles for the rights to use the materials. Permission from the publisher is also necessary when quoting a part of the authors’ own articles that have already been printed in other journals.

3) Authors should not contribute the same original manuscripts submitted to The Review of Laser Engineering to other journals. Authors should not contribute manuscripts to The Review of Laser Engineering when the manuscripts have been submitted to other journals or manuscripts have already been published as original papers.

4) Always reveal when the contributing manuscript has duplicate contents with/or another publication that is to be published or has already been published in journals such as a bulletin, internal report, or any other non-original publications. In this case, submit a copy of the original manuscript or a reprint.

4. Categories of manuscripts
Authors may choose the category for their manuscripts according to the contents of their manuscripts and should submit them within the corresponding page limits also given in Table 1. However, the Editorial Board may ask authors to change the category of contributed manuscripts. Note that one journal page consists of 1080 English words. Six figures and/or tables are considered to be one page. If a manuscript exceeds the page limits, there is an extra charge for reprints.

5. Preparing manuscripts
Manuscripts should be prepared according to “Instruction for Writing Manuscripts,” generally using a word processor. Please read “6. From Submission to Publication” carefully before your submission.

6. From Submission to publication
6.1 Submission Fill in the required data in the supplied contribution-form and“ checklist,”* and submit the following documents to the Editorial Board.

1) PDF files of original manuscripts
2) Contribution-form (A4 size)
3) Checklist (A4 size)
4) Copyright Transfer Agreements (A4 size)
5) Biography(s) and a photograph(s) of the authors’ (if required)**

Send 1)-5) by e-mail to
* These forms can be downloaded from the Society’s home page.
** Author’s introductions are generally required in Laser Compass, Laser Reviews, Laser Originals, and Laser Lectures. Please enclose all the author’s biographies and photographs of their faces with the manuscripts.

6.2 Receiving manuscripts
The Editorial Board will send a notice of receipt to the contributor by e-mail when the manuscript is received. However, a manuscript may be rejected when it does not follow the Contribution Guidelines; make sure that your manuscript is prepared according to the Contribution Guidelines.

6.3 Referees
The Editorial Board appoints suitable referees for the review of the manuscripts. The Editorial Board decides whether the manuscript will be published or not and whether revisions are needed, considering the referees’ opinions. The Editorial Board may ask authors to change the category of the manuscript.

6.4 Revision and resubmission
In principle, a revised manuscript should be resubmitted within 2 weeks. However, when the author fails to resubmit a revised manuscript within 6 months after its receipt, the manuscript will be withdrawn.

6.5 Accepting manuscripts for publication
The Editorial Board will send a notification of acceptance to the contributor by e-mail when the manuscript is accepted for publication. Resubmit the manuscript for publication within 2 weeks after its receipt by e-mail. 1) Saved in software for word processing (text) 2) Saved in software for graphic (figure(s), photograph(s), and/or table(s)) 3) Laser word (only requested to“ Laser Review” author(s)) 4) PDF files of 1)-3) 5) Biography(s) and a photograph(s) of the authors’ (if required) Send 1)-5) by e-mail to Submission Address. Figures should be grayscale if color printing is not preferred.

6.6 Proofreading by authors
Authors have full responsibility for proofreading. After receiving a manuscript for proofreading, please send it back promptly. It is not generally accepted to revise the manuscript at the proofreading stage.

7. Publication charges
When manuscripts in the categories of Laser Reviews, Laser Originals, Laser Letters, Laser Technical Notes, or Laser Flash are published, at least 100 reprints must be purchased as a publication charge. Note that no publication charge will be applied to the manuscripts that the Editorial Board requests for contribution; however, if a manuscript length exceeds page limits, it must be generally requested to pay an extra charge (¥10,000/page); also there will be a charge for reprints and color printing (Table 2).

8. Reprints prices
See Table 3. See Table 2 for extra charges for the full-color printing.

9. Submission address
The Editorial Board, “The Review of Laser Engineering,” The Laser Society of Japan.

Please submit to The Review of Laser Engineering as follows. Besides, it takes at least 3 months to publish (for review, correction, editing, proofreading, etc.)

1. The submission form for The Review of Laser Engineering

Please download the form below, fill in the necessary items such as title, author’s name, affiliation, contact information, and send it by e-mail with the manuscript.
■ Format: English [Word  PDF]

2. The checklist for The Review of Laser Engineering

Please check each item in the form below based on the submission rules, fill in the necessary items, and send it by e-mail with the manuscript.
■ Format: English [Word  PDF]

3. The copyright transfer acceptance for The Review of Laser Engineering

Please fill in the required items in the form below and send them by e-mail with the manuscript.
■ Format::Japanese [PDF]

4. Author introduction

If the publication category is Laser Compass / Original / Review Article / Lecture, the author introduction will be posted (only for those who wish). Please make the author’s biography in MS-Word format and the face photo in jpg format, and send them by e-mail with the manuscript.

5. Laser Word

In the review articles, “Laser Word” will be published as a glossary of laser-related terms. When the manuscript becomes available, we will select one word from the manuscript, and we will request you to write it. Please email the “Laser Word “with the final manuscript.

6. Template for The Review of Laser Engineering

This file is a manuscript template that conforms to the appearance of the “Laser Research” journal. Please follow the precautions below when writing a manuscript. However, the manuscript written in this template will not be printed as it is.
■ Print appearance Template:[Word]

7. Please be sure to read through before writing the manuscript:

  • The Rules for Submission for The Review of Laser Engineering 
  • To improve the finish of the manuscript [PDF]
  • Precautions for creating charts [PDF]

8. When submitting the manuscript, please send the following items:

(1) The manuscript(in PDF format: A4)
(2) The submission form for The Review of Laser Engineering(A4)
(3) The checklist for The Review of Laser Engineering (A4)
(4) Author introduction (A4)
(5) The author’s biography and the face photo (when necessary)

Please send the above (1) to (5) by email to the following.


9. When your manuscript is accepted, please send the followings:

If the editorial board decides to publish, we will send you a notice of publication decision by email. Please send the final manuscript file within 2 weeks after the notification.
(1) The manuscript file in both pdf format and MS-Word format
(2) The charts files in both pdf format and the format of the software you use.
(3) “Laser Word” in both pdf format and MS-Word format  (only Review articles)
(4) The biography file for introducing the author in an MS-Word format / The face photo file in a jpg format (when necessary)

Please send the files above (1) to (4) by e-mail.

We will also read the figures and the tables by a scanner when we cannot open the file. So please make them clear and be sure to use monochrome unless you want to print in color.

For other details, please see the instruction for writing a manuscript.

1. Format and style

Manuscripts should be typed on an A4 size sheet in the following order:

  1. Title page
    Title, Authors, Authors’ affiliations, and their addresses
    (about 100-150 words)

    Key Words (about 3-5 words)
  2. Text, Acknowledgements, and References (more than 20 for Review article).
  3. Figure and Table Captions
  4. Figures and Tables
  5. Equations (However, equations can be included in the text)

2. Preparing manuscripts

2.1 Titles, author’s names, affiliations

The title should be concise (within 15 words. Don’t use abbreviations). Should the title exceed the length limit, put an abbreviated title underneath the main title for use as a footer. If there are more than two of the author’s affiliations, indicate them by adding superscripts of numbers on the end of each name; 1, 2, 3. When the present affiliation address is different from the research place, indicate it, too. The present address should be written in Footnotes. Treatment of more than two present affiliations is the same as the previous address.

2.2 Abstracts and keywords

Abstracts and keywords are necessary for Laser Originals, Laser Letters, Laser Reviews, and Laser Technical Notes. The abstract should not exceed 150 words, and keywords (in noun forms) should not exceed 5 words.

2.3 Texts

Divide headings in the manuscript as follows:
First-level heading; 1, 2, … (centered)
Second-level heading; 1.1, 1.2,… 2.1, 2.2, … (left-aligned)
Third-level heading; 1.1.1, 1.1.2, … 2.1.1, 2.1.2, … (leftaligned)

2.4 Footnotes and references

Footnotes written at the bottom of pages should be referred to as superscripts of the text’s dagger. Treatment of more than two is the same as the author’s affiliations (see 2.1). Catalogs, Web addresses, and other sources that are possibly variable should be noted in Footnotes.
In the review paper, the number of references should be 20 or more.
Literature references should be arranged in the following way; They should be numbered sequentially and listed on separate pages at the end of the text.

In the text, corresponding reference numbers should be shown with superscripts in the following style: 1), 1,2) or 1-5).

References should be written as follows:

  • Magazine: Authors, Title, Volume number, (published year) [No. Issue]* page number.
  • Book: Authors, Title ([Title of the series, Volume number, ed. Editor,] ** publisher, published area, published year) p. Page number.

* Specify when the page number is renewed in each issue.

** Specify when the book is published in a series.

1) All of the names of authors should be listed. In the case there are more than 10 authors, omit after 11th authors using “et al.” Separate each name with a comma (, ); however, put “and” in such cases as “A and B” or“ A, B, and C.”

2) Titles of books should be typed in Italic.

3) Volumes of journals should be written in boldface.

2.5 Figures, photographs, and tables

Figures and tables should be prepared with graphic software. Letters should be typed in Gothics (Helvetica, Arial) in Figures and Photographs, Times in Tables and Greek letters Symbol if possible. The arbitrary unit must be“ arb. unit” (cf.“ a. u.” stands for an atomic unit). Submit the figures and tables with each work separately on A4 size sheets. Photographs should also be pasted on A4 size sheets. Put the sequential number and names of authors. Captions should be added at the end of the text separately as “Figure and Table Captions.” When they are quoted from other references, add reference numbers.

Please specify when color figures and/or photographs are preferred; extra costs for the color printing will be charged to the authors. All figures and/or photographs should be saved in monochrome, and a reviewer will either accept or reject the paper in monochrome when color printing is not preferred.