April 13, 1973: The “Laser Conference” is founded.
Jun. 30, 1973: Inaugural issue of the journal “The Review of Laser Engineering”
May 20, 1977:  Best Paper Award and Best Progress Award are established
May 10, 1979: The Laser Society of Japan was established.
May 31, 1979: The Encouragement Award was established.

Feb 12-13, 1981: The first annual meeting of the Laser Society of Japan was held. It has been held annually since then.
Dec 15, 1982: The first edition of the Laser Handbook was published.
May 31, 1983: Commemorative Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary
May 31, 1990: Tokyo Chapter was founded.
May 31, 1993: The 20th Anniversary Ceremony was held.
May 31, 1993: Kyushu Chapter and Tohoku/Hokkaido Chapter were established.
Jan 20-21, 1994: Laser Expo was held at Makuhari Messe.
May 31, 1997: Chugoku-Shikoku Chapter was established.
May 29, 1998: 25th Anniversary Ceremony was held.
Jan 28, 1999: The first Best Paper Presentation Award was awarded at the 19th Annual Meeting.
Mar 5, 1999: Inauguration of the Chubu Chapter
Jan 20-21, 2000: Organized Laser Solutions, a corporate exhibition, at ACROS Fukuoka (co-held with Annual Meeting every year since then).
Apr 19-20, 2000: Organized Laser Expo, a corporate exhibition at Pacifico Yokohama (held annually thereafter).
Sep 17, 2002: Organized Asia Pacific Laser Symposium (APLS) (Held every other year in Japan, Korea, and China since then)
May 30, 2003: 30th-anniversary celebration.
April 25, 2005: Publication of Laser Handbook (2nd Edition)
April 22, 2009: The Industrial Award was established in the prize rules, and the first Laser Society of Japan Industrial Award was given.
Nov 16, 2011: Kansai Chapter was established.
Apr 1, 2012: Reorganized as the Laser Society of Japan.
Apr 25, 2012: Organized OPIC as a member of the OPI Council, held concurrently with OPIE (held annually thereafter).
Apr 25, 2012: Organized ALPS at OPIC (and annually thereafter)
May 31, 2013: 40th Anniversary Celebration
Jan 20, 2014: The paper presentation encouragement award was first awarded at the 34th annual conference.
May 29, 2015: First Fellow and Senior Member recognition